I really don’t see high school or any school in general as a romantic place. I don’t see my town as a place to get married in at all. I have a feeling I won’t have a feeling of being “hopelessly in love” at prom. For me, I see the “high school romance” in a realistic way: lots of hormones.

There is definitely love there. But for the most part, it isn’t true love. It’s butterflies and sweet talk. But hey, I’m down for it. ;)


Top 10 Challenge

Day 1- 10 facts about yourself

Day 2- 10 favorite movies

Day 3- 10 favorite TV shows

Day 4- 10 favorite baby names for boys

Day 5- 10 favorite baby names for girls

Day 6- 10 favorite foods

Day 7- 10 favorite drinks

Day 8- 10 favorite desserts

Day 9- 10…

Oh the memories…<3

Oh the memories…<3

—{insert clever first post here}—

Tyler. I hope you are happy. I have officially joined Tumblr.